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HealthKam Research 

Integrate video health monitoring into your clinical studies 

We support the integration of video health monitoring technologies into future and existing clinical studies and trials  

VPG MEDICAL is certified for federally-funded projects.

  • Cardiopulmonary VPG monitoring: resting HR, recovery HR, trend analyses.

  • Stress measurements based on short-term heart-rate variability 

  • Self-reported anxiety assessment

  • Cloud-based real-time monitoring tools 

  • Easy integration of eCOA, ePRO, and PROMIS tools

  • Real-time data review for subject compliance with the study protocol

  • Clinical trials design and support: IRB, patient enrollment, partnership with US-based hospitals nationwide.

  • Study protocol amendments facilitating interaction of video-based monitoring solution

Our partnering hospitals and healthcare provider networks

Integrate HealthKam video monitoring technology into your research projects and your digital health platform (telemedicine, virtual clinical trials) to capture minute changes in vital signs, and take your digital health development to the next level.

Healthkam technologies include medical-grade measurements of :

  • Heart Rate and resting heart rate 

  • Respiratory rate 

  • Cardiac rhythms (based on hemodynamic pulsatile information)

  • Stress measurements based on HRV

  • Customizable Surveys (eCOA applications including face recognition abilities)

Healthkam technologies are unique:

  • No dedicated device is required.

  • The application installs on any personal device and PC.

  • No patient training is required. 

  • APIs and SDK readily available.

  • Enhances the remote visit experience for patients/subjects and clinical nurses/clinicians

  • HIPAA Compliant - Operates in a private, secure environment

  • Web-based management system.


Technical Partners

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