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DAIly Age


Your chronological age (the number of years a person has lived) does not necessarily align with your functional or health status. For instance, one can be 60 years old chronologically but have the health and functional status of a typical 50-year-old or vice versa. Chronic stress and anxiety can contribute to the acceleration of biological aging in several ways. Experiencing chronic stress and anxiety can have a detrimental impact on your health and potentially shorten your life expectancy. Overall health and well-being can contribute to a better quality of life and potentially slow down the aging process. By reducing levels of stress and anxiety, you can reduce your biological age. This means that taking steps to manage stress and anxiety can help you maintain better overall health and potentially extend your lifespan. We estimate your “Daily Age”, which is your physiological age based on the data you capture with the DAIly Age application.

Keep your wellness and health in check

By monitoring your own health and wellness, you can take control of your life and improve your overall wellbeing. Studies have shown that many people exhibit symptoms of depression and anxiety without even realizing it. If left unchecked, these issues can seriously impact your quality of life.

We provide a free application to help you keep your mental and physical wellness in check.

The application provides a series of screens summarizing your data and providing access to the various tests you can perform routinely to keep track of your mental and physical status. 

How to use DAIly Age


  • Check all your historical data and how your values have changed over time.

  • Your current heart rate, stress level, and anxiety status are provided in the upper part of the screen 

  • The lower menu gives you access to the various measurement tools, click and try.

  • You can temporarily stop the passive monitoring

  • Learn about the value of checking your daily scores  

Get your customized version of DAIly Age

The APP can be personalized with many additional functionalities. With a single click,  DAIly Age is a great wellness solution for your employees, your organization members, or for your professional network to record their mental and physical status.

Contact to learn how we can personalize  DAIly Age for your organization.

NOTE:  DAIly Age is a wellness tool intended for use in support of a healthy lifestyle. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure,  mitigation, prevention, or treatment of disease or other health conditions. No images or videos are captured and shared with VPG Medical or other entities. Your privacy is preserved. More functionalities may be added in the future which might require you to pay a user fee. 

Privacy and terms are available here.

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