HealthKam Digital Wellness

Monitor your heart rate and stress level during your screen time without wearables or any dedicated device.  HealthKam collects your information passively while you are using your computer: no effort, no need to follow a recording procedure, no wearables. 

Your heart is a muscle that functions as a pump to circulate blood through the arteries and veins of your body. For each normal contraction of your heart, the blood pressure underneath your face skin changes and the reflection of light from your skin is changed.


HealthKam technology uses the front video of your computers to capture the subtle changes in the light reflected from your facial skin to extract information about your pulse. This process is working while you are using your devices for other purposes so no need for following any recording procedures or buy any new devices. HealthKam provides long-term wearable-free monitoring of your resting heart rate and your stress level during your screen time and working session. 

NOTE: HealthKam is a wellness tool intended for use in support of a healthy lifestyle. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure,   

mitigation, prevention, or treatment of disease or other health condition.