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  • Why heart rate is worth monitoring?
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  • How does HealthKam work?
    While you are using your device, HealthKam captures short videos of your face using the front camera. The videos are processed on the device to extract a set of numbers that are sent to the cloud for further processing to extract heart rate. The videos are then deleted from the device.
  • Will my heart rate information be captured no matter how I’m using my device?
    As long as you are using your device in a well-lit area and are facing the screen so that the upper ¾ of your face is being captured by the camera, your heart rate information will be captured. We have found that tipping the phone or tablet to 45 degrees or greater while facing it improves the likelihood that good heart rate readings can be obtained. In other words, while reading emails, watching programming or playing games, it is best not to lay the device flat. Note that unless you are using the speakerphone function, the APP will not capture heart rate information while you are making a phone call.
  • Are recordings being captured when my home screen goes black?
    No. You will need to “activate” your phone or tablet screen for recordings to resume capturing heart rate information.
  • Will heavy make-up or glasses interfere with my recordings?
    Glasses should not influence the quality of heart rate recordings obtained by your device. Heavy make-up, however, could interfere as it may affect the camera’s ability to decipher subtle changes in your natural skin color.
  • Is my privacy protected? Do you watch videos taken on my device?
    HealthKam does not send videos or photos from your device. The videos are immediately deleted after processing. The data sent from your device to the cloud are non-identifying streams of numbers.
  • Would HealthKam deplete my battery?
    HealthKam requires marginal battery power. On most devices, typical use would not deplete your battery much faster than before.
  • Would HealthKam slow down my device?
    HealthKam is very unlikely to slow down your device in a noticeable way.
  • What if my phone or tablet runs out of charge? Do I need to reinstall the APP once the device is charged?
    You should not have to reinstall the APP. However, you should check if it is running by looking for the tiny heart icon in the upper left of your home screen. If it is not there, open the HealthKam APP and depress the “Keep Monitoring” bar.
  • Would I still be able to use my front camera to take selfies?
    Yes. Your use of the camera takes priority over HealthKam. When you use your front camera, HealthKam waits for you to be done.
  • Does HealthKam track what I am doing with my device?
    HealthKam does not track your specific device use, what APPs you are running or have installed on your device. The times of heart rate measurements are captured by HealthKam and this can be used to infer times during the day when your device was active.
  • Can I stop the monitoring of the heart rate?
    Yes. You can open the HealthKam APP and click on the “stop monitoring” button.
  • How does HealthKam know it is me using the device?
    During the installation process, you are asked to take a photo. We use this photo to perform face recognition for every measurement captured and reject measurements that do not belong to you.
  • What do I have to do to remove HealthKam from my phone?
    All you need to do is uninstall the HealthKam APP.
  • Who would see my heart rate data sent to the cloud? and what would it be used for?
    HIPAA certified VPG Medical personnel would periodically look at the data uploaded to the cloud from your device to generate the reports we send you. The data would be to generate the reports we send you and to improve our ability to provide accurate measurements.
  • How can I contact you if I have questions about the APP, my device or the reports you send me? "
    You can send us an email to and we will reply as soon as we can.
  • How do I know if the APP is running? What if it stops?
    When the APP is active, a tiny icon of a heart inside a circle should be visible in the upper left corner of your device. If at any point this icon is not visible, open the HealthKam APP and ensure that the screen reads either: “STOP MONITORING”, or “KEEP MONITORING”. If the message reads “KEEP MONITORING”, depress the message to resume monitoring, and the tiny icon should reappear at the upper left corner of your device’s home screen. A message of “STOP” indicates that APP should be running. Attempt to reboot your device, and return to the HealthKam APP. Ensure that it reads “STOP MONITORING” and return to your home screen to check for the tiny icon in the upper left corner of the device. If monitoring still has not resumed, please contact us at
  • I received a message stating that HealthKam has been decommissioned and I would like to recommission. What should I do?
    Please take no further action with the APP and contact
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