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About Us

VPG Medical Inc. is a digital health service company which develops innovative health services by leveraging effortless monitoring technologies such as VideoPlethysmoGraphy (VPG). The. HealthKam™ product enables cardiac monitoring during one's everyday activities by acquiring physiological measurements leading to improve diagnoses, therapeutic strategies and ultimately improve the health outcome of the patients. We aim to  help manage time and effort efficiently to obtain maximum impact on health outcomes. 

VPG Medical was incorporated on December 28th, 2017, in the State of Delaware (DE). This organization is a New-York State based company which benefits from the vivid scientific and medical landscape from both the University of Rochester Medical Center and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Our leadership and expertise have been developed and supported by these organizations.

The development of the technologies offered by VPG Medical  has been partially funded by the National Heart and Lung and Blood Institute from the National Institute of Health Department of Human Services of the United States of America..

VPG Medical has been benefiting from three incubators: BioCom C3I programLaunchNY , and Luminate (NextCorps).

Go to this page to learn more about our incubators. 

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