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 VPG Medical's HealthKam Monitoring Service during the Coronavirus Pandemic is now closed.  

 “My daily email has come, and my heart rate is back to normal. Nothing like being back home. Thank you for your concern and help. This is a wonderful service. “                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kathy M., Perinton, NY 

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Get your daily pulse rate by email every morning.  No need to follow any procedures or buy a wearable device. Just install HealthKam tracker on your device.

Note: this initiative applies to all U.S. residents.

Why pulse rate monitoring? 

The heart functions differently when the body is fighting an infection. Being aware of your daily heart rate during this challenging time can provide an additional measure of your overall wellness. For more information about monitoring your heart rate, please click here.


VPG Medical will email you a free daily report once you have installed HealthKam on your device and successfully completed the commissioning process. 

What is HealthKam 1.0?

HealthKam™ 1.0 is our first generation of technology that uses the front video camera of your smart device. During routine use of your smartphone or tablet, the HealthKam APP runs in the background to passively monitor your resting heart rate.

The HealthKam technology does not retain nor transmit any video, thus protecting the privacy and dignity of users.

Which Devices are compatible with HealthKam?

At this time, the HealthKam 1.0 Application is compatible only with the device listed below:

1. Galaxy S8 and higher 

2. Galaxy Note 8 and higher

3. TAB S3 and higher

HealthKam is not compatible with iPhone/iPad devices

NOTE: HealthKam is a wellness tool intended for use in support of a healthy lifestyle. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of disease or other health condition.

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