About VPG Medical, Inc.

VPG Medical Inc. is a digital health service company developing a unique set of monitoring solutions based on groundbreaking research using video-based sensors embedded in smart devices and personal computers.

The company is dedicated to providing effortless monitoring solutions to improve the lives of patients requiring continuous monitoring of their health status.


Corporate Office:

260 East Main Street, Suite 6000
Rochester, NY 14604

Phone: (585) 622-4410


Registered Headquarter:

55 Babcock Drive, 

Rochester, NY, 14610

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Enabling seamless and effort-free monitoring of your heart

The device loaded with HealthKam technology measures your pulse while you are using this device. There is no need to change the way you use the device.  HealthKam monitors your pulse and can detect transient abnormal pulse regularity while you respond to your emails, read your favorite news, or eBook.  This information is delivered to
our Monitoring Center which will contact your healthcare provider.

HealthKam is not a diagnostic  device.

HealthKam technology is unobstructive, it means that you do not need to change your habits and routines when you use your smart devices. If any abnormalities of you pulse are detected, our monitoring center will call you to identify best next step in taking care about your cardiac condition. VPG Medical service offers an immediate access to personal support from health professionals to help and guide you.